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April 20, 2021

Flowers, flowers

Stitching flowers, it is such a pleasure! My Flower Garden by Werkstatt für Historische Stickmuster is almost finished. 

There is progress on Summer at Cherry Hill and I stitched a small one, Spring in the Round, by JBW Design.

April 04, 2021

Some new starts and progress

 Started this a month ago, I guess. Stitched on 32 count Belfast linen, colour 323, Summer Khaki.

A conversion by Thistle tot WDW, GAST, CC.

Also stitching on My flower Garden, by Werkstatt für Historische Stickmunster. I use the called for silks.

And Summer on Cherry Hill by With My Needle and Thread. 

Last but not least Oracle Sal, run through a facebook group.

March 13, 2021

A new start

Today I started this beauty. It stitch on Picture This Plus Doubloon Edinburg 100% Linen, colour Legacy. I use the called for threads from WDW, GAST, Classic Colorworks.

With My Needle and Thread, Summer at Cherry Hill.

February 25, 2021

Stitching again!

 It's been quite some years since my last blog post. It's  also been a long time for me that I stitched. And all of a sudden my head and fingers were convinced: it is time to stitch again. And maybe it is time to write a blog post again. So here are two finishes I did this year.

First a small one, a kit, that I bought ages ago. Lanarte 34781, View. 

And  today I finished Garden flowers, a design by Stone and Thread, 2007. Obviously I changed the year.

I made a start today on My Flower Garden by Werkstatt für Historische Stickmuster and am using the called for silks. They stitch like a dream!

January 21, 2018

It's been a while...

A long while, to be honest. Blogging takes a lot of time and I have Facebook and Instagram to post. Instagram is quick, only a picture and a little bit of chatting. No excuse, I know.
Finally my Call of the Raven is back from the framers. I chose a simple frame and no pass partout. The stitching part is huge, so I didn't want it to get bigger.
Until this afternoon I didn't know where to hang it. Not in my living room, that was for sure. Too big, drawing too much attention. Guess where it is now? In my living room LOL
Here it is!
And as you may know I also am a knitter. I have a few finished garments to show.

July 09, 2017

Finish HAED Call of the Raven

The end of a journey! Call of the Raven is finished!
Started in January 2007 and working on and off during all those years I now reached the end. The last stitches are done and I am happy and a bit sas at the same time. This has been my companian for such a long time! It travelled with me on vacations and short trips. I still remember how happy I was, when I discovered I stitched a hand! I remember running to my husband and showing him the completed hand, so delicate.
Here she is: Call of the Raven.
Stitched from December 2006 until July 9th, 2017.
90 colours, 270.000 stitches on 25 ct evenweave, one over one.

May 23, 2017

About slipstitches, festivals and Xantippe

May is almost over. It seems to me the days are gone before I even wake up! I celebrated my 60th birthday (!) last week. When you search for 60 y o on google, the firts hits you get are about good whiskey and some about diet and exercise plan. I know what I prefer ;-)

At Nieuwpoort a wool festival took place. I took a class to knit slipstitches and make a button. Loret Karman, as I already knew, is a wonderful teacher. She asked me to make a combination with slipstitches and bohus stickning. I did, but I think it is a bit messy. I like the button a lot more!
At the Breidagen Donna Smith talked about living on the Shetland Islands, about knitting lace and Shetland patterns. Lots of inspiration!
Although it seems I have been away all the time, I  actually also was home for some days  and took some time to stitch . I really want to finish my Call of the Raven this year. I am confident I will.
Talking about finishes, my Xantippe is finished. Pattern Xanti by Hanna Maciejewska. I used a hand dyed yarn from Dibadu Funnies.